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Gay Bondage and Boys

A rough fuck is in order


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Van and Sebastian are hanging out at home, waiting for their pizza to be delivered. Lucky for them, the delivery guy, Ian Levine, is a real hottie. When they don’t have cash to pay for their pizza, they quickly pounce on Ian and tie his ass up. Ian tries to scream for help but his desperate calls are muffled by the duct tape around his mouth. The two pervs remove his clothes and begin teasing his cock till it’s rock hard. They jack Ian off using the vibrating hitachi’s before tying him up in the center of the room. Begging to cum, Ian’s edged with the fleshjack before he’s suspended in the air, swinging back and forth as Sebastian swallows the boy’s hard cock. Tied down on the bed, Ian’s hole is spread open for the Shockspot to plunge into his ass. The two perverts finally milk a load out of Ian’s cock and finish him off with some post orgasmic torment.

Suck a dick while I play with your dick. A dick gag, that is.

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Only so far he can run. If you can even call it running. Squirming, maybe?

For some of us, bondage is more than foreplay. Total bondage, such as this, is an experience that can exceed the best orgasm. It thrives on sexual drive and desire and the loss of control over those sensations. The locked cock here represents this appeal. Even his hard-on is tightly restrained and under control.
If the bondage is good enough, getting off can be unnecessary. Desire will continue to increase and you can enjoy being forced into one situation after another…all evening, weekend or longer. The point here is the guy in control decides if, when, and how the fun will end.

No way out.

Chair tied

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So vulnerable. So controlled.
Forced to sit and take it up the butt, over and over again.
Gas mask hoses hooked up. Vibrator hooked up. Ready to go.
I love that the caged slave is also in a stockade, and that his gas mask hose is hooked up into a sneaker.
The puppy always sleeps in the cabinet, securely taped, gagged, and shackled.