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Gay Bondage and Boys

Cute boy in a tight hogtie

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Slave to his own piss

What a slave does in order to please his online master

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A plump ass is a spankable ass


Brandon N


"Dear me, they really don’t make clothes to last thes days do they boi? This is what happens when you buy cheap you know… why, with only a few snips of my scissors these things will fall right off… and then how are you going to get home I wonder? I suppose I have some items to offer if you ask nicely enough, but they will be a little tight on you… and frilly…”

His last shred of pride about to be cut away
Jacob sock gagged with two sweaty American Eagle ankle socks.


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I could almost feel the $500, it was so easy.   Then my tormentor put a leather harness on me and began beating my feet fortunately the ball gag stopped me from saying the safe-word.  Now he got serious, he had me stand on a pedestal with my feet shackled down then tied a rope around my cock behind my ball to keep me hard and beat  me mercilessly while I repeated my mantra - get the money, get the money ……

A bitch learns his place.


Time to investigate what’s hiding under those pants too.



We find out how ticklish Sam Truitt’s feet are and decide to give them some extra attention.

I didn’t mind him cursing, but when he started badmouthin’ my mother, I just had to gag him.

The gag shuts that big mouth right up!

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John Cruise 2

He is one sexy piece of meat. Look at those thighs!


he’ll probably get more than just a spanking …

I would certainly hope so!

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Naughty, naughty boy

Hogtied and struggling

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Tied up and prepared for abuse

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